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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Old New Records

          It occurred to me recently that I have been lax about letting people know about other releases that I have been honored to be involved with over the last few years.  There are some great records that have included some of my songs and a few on which I also got to play, so here is a list of highlights with some links for purchasing.  I am sure they are all also available for purchase and download from iTunes, Amazon, and the rest, too.  Enjoy! 

          This came out last year: Garth producing and playing on new versions of songs by The Band featuring Neil Young, Bruce Cockburn, The Sadies, Cowboy Junkies, Blue Rodeo, and more, including a version of my co-write with Levon, Jim Weider, and Stan Szelest, “Move To Japan” by New Foundlanders The Trews.  Really cool record. (Click on the link above.)

 Greg Trooper—“The Williamsburg Affair”

          This is another “lost” project, recorded about seventeen years ago in the heyday of Eric Ambel’s days at Coyote Studios in Brooklyn, a summer in which we made a Mojo Nixon record, recorded a Got To Blazes record live to 2-track (in one night!), and made this rocking record with Greg.  It’s one of my favorites of his, and not just because I got to play and sing all over it: great recordings of great songs.  Greg moved to Nashville soon after we made it, got a new record deal, made a bunch of other records, and finally put this one out about two years ago. Get it here.  

 The Bottle Rockets—“Lean Forward”

          This was a kind of reunion for me with The Bottle Rockets as we hadn’t done anything together since 2000’s “A Brand New Year”, but for this they recorded two songs I co-wrote with Brian Henneman, “Solitaire” and “Give Me Room”.  I also got to play fiddle and sing a little harmony on “Get On The Bus”.  Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and available here.

Jono Manson— “Summertime” and “November”

          I have been represented in one way or another with most of Jono’s solo releases over the years, but “Summertime” was an especial treat because I not only got to co-write several of the songs and play some mandolin, but we reunited the Smoking Section vocal quartet-- Jono, Jerry Dugger, Ron Sunshine, and me--for background vocals at Craig Dreyer’s place.  I was so inspired by the session that the next time we were all around I got them together at Craig’s again to do some vocals on some of my songs. (Those recordings should be available soon.) And the title track on “November” refers to the first ever co-write between Jono, Brian Henneman from the Bottle Rockets, and me.  You can buy them here.

And last, but certainly not least,
Artie Traum— “Thief of Time”

          This was Artie’s too aptly titled last release.  Produced by the Wendy Waldman, most of the record was recorded with a dream band of Warren Bernhardt on keys, Gary Burke on drums, and Tony Levin on bass with guest spots by John Sebastian, Amy Helm, Donna Lewis, Teresa Williams, Kenny Edwards, Jim Photoglo, and yours truly doing a duet with Artie on our tune “Where The Blues Began.”  Great writing and incredible musicianship. (Click on the link above.)